About us

We are Skydrive, an Italian company (born in 2015) that designs and manufactures professional driving simulators marketed under AVEHIL brand name (Advanced Vehicle Engineering Human In the Loop).

We are dedicated to developing the simulation only of racing cars driving, single-seaters and touring cars.

Mainly we address to professionals (drivers, teams, technicians) of motorsport but with “light” versions of AVEHIL (AVEHIL Level 2 and Level 3), we also offer our products and services to a wider audience of amateur drivers.

After four years of intense development by our staff, 2019 represents the first year of public launch of our products and services on the market.

Our project for the implementation of models on the real tyre behaviour within its AVEHIL driving simulator for motorsport has been judged as a high quality project and awarded the “Seal of Excellence” from the Horizon 2020 program – the funding program created by the European Commission to support and promote applied research and innovation.

Horizon 2020 is known for its very tight criteria and the accurate project analysis by a panel of independent experts. We are proud to receive this recognition for the innovation that we are bringing to the motorsport. We will continue to improve and innovate.

Founder and CEO
Cristiano Giardina

Who: Cristiano has worked in the motorsport industry for more than 25 years holding both technical and managerial positions with different racing companies into the World Series Renault 3.5 and F3.
What: he is the conceiver of AVEHIL and the founder of Skydrive. He will be the project coordinator for AVEHIL and will oversee the project’s strategic/ technical decisions.

Simulation Engineer
Marcello Pandini

Who: Marcello holds a mechanical engineering degree at the Polytechnic of Milan.
What: he will work alongside Cristiano and Matteo in the further development and refinement of the AVEHIL’s mathematical model for the different race cars focusing on such aspects as, engine, gearbox, aerodynamic, suspensions, dampers and tyres.

Business Advisor
Renzo Cenciarini

Who: he holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and is the Senior Professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management at Bocconi University. He has over 20 years’ experience in investments, private equity, company valuation, investment banking and economic research.
What: he will be our independent business advisor, helping with the crafting of AVEHIL’s marketing strategy and analysis, expansion plan, and overall strategy development.

Executive Coach, Mentor and Trainer
Paola Brumana

Who: since 1994 supports athletes, entrepreneurs and teams in development and growth paths to realize their potential. Intersects western techniques and oriental disciplines working on a physical and mental level.
What: she is the Skydrive team coach and of their drivers who want to improve their career and win!

System Administrator
Matteo Di Pilato

Who: tecnico informatico con 30 anni di esperienza. Le sue competenze sono uno dei plus di SKydrive. Tecnico HD e SW come web server (Apache / IIS), LDAP, Qmail, MySQL / MariaDB, SQL Server, DNS, DHCP.
What: programmatore del controller AVEHIL, amministratore dei sistemi e tecnico delle comunicazioni e gestione reti.

Commercial task leader
Gianluca Loria

Who: Gianluca holds an Executive M.B.A (Global Programme) from Columbia Business School and London Business School and a Master’s in Business Administration majoring in Private Equity. He sits on SkyDrive’s Advisory Board and will work with Renzo to craft AVEHIL’s business and marketing strategies, expansion plan and market analysis.
What: he is responsible for the marketing strategy and AVEHIL expansion plan.

Roberto Hernandez

Who: Roberto has more than 15 years’ motorsport engineering experience in different categories: F1, F3, WEC, Indy… Among the teams for which he worked, stand out: RC Motorsport, Manor Racing, KV, Dragon, Jenzer Motorsport…
What: Roberto is AVEHIL track and vehicle dynamic engineer consultant.

Track designer
Cristian Lazzaro

Chi è: profondo esperto di numerosi software tra i quali: Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Dassault Catia V5r19, Zanoza 3D Modeller, 3D Simed, Bob’s Track Builder...<br /> Cosa fa: è il responsabile del design di tutte le piste e dei modelli 3D di AVEHIL.

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