The new collaboration with MegaRide

The continuous research towards improvement and the use of the most futuristic technologies has always been a distinctive feature of the Avehil project. In this perspective, it is truly a source of satisfaction to have embarked on a path of collaboration with MegaRide, a spin-off company of the Federico II University, which has brought a revolutionary approach in the analysis and display methodology of tires. The project, closely linked to the activities carried out by the Vehicle Dynamics Research Group of the University of Naples, has already found the appreciation of Audi Sport and Ducati, with whom MegaRide collaborates in FormulaE and MotoGP.
To these prestigious names has now been added Skydrive, which can thus count on a partner of the highest level to implement and improve the study and application of all the variables related to tires, from the grip on the different types of asphalt to the consumption in the more diverse conditions: increasingly fundamental aspects in today’s motorsport