Francesca Raffaele: a real leap forward!

Francesca Raffaele, young pilot in the first year in the Clio Cup Italy, is making great strides in the continuous improvement of her performance. The data recorded since the beginning of the year and compared with the performance of the best drivers on the grid are truly eloquent: a sensational decrease in the gap from the time of the pole and a continuous trend for improvement: for example, the lap time difference was thinned more and more, allowing Francesca to start, in the last race of Vallelunga, from fourth place and to finish sixth in both races!
Hard work on the simulator and constant analysis of data and performance are the winning element of the Drive R&D Program that Francesca is following. Each session in the simulator in fact involves working side by side with an engineer who detects the data and analyzes it with the driver, advises it and prepares it to best cope with the track conditions that it will find in reality.