VESevo: tire analysis new frontier

Skydrive and Avehil provide the revolutionary VESevo tire analysis system.

The VESevo System – an acronym for Viscoelasticity Evaluation System – EVOlved – is the result of research by the Group of Vehicle Dynamics Simulations of the University of Naples Federico II in collaboration with the Academic Spin-off MegaRide – Applied Vehicle Research.

Skydrive and Avehil are currently the only company, besides MegaRide itself, that can offer the use of this tool on track, thanks to the privileged relationship with the Neapolitan start-up.

VESevo is a unique analysis tool: it is able to analyze tires in a non-destructive way, relating the frequency at which the rubber is stressed with the temperatures and the physical-mechanical responses of the compound.

Basically the VESevo is able to measure the two key factors of the tire: hysteresis and adhesion. This allows, in a preliminary phase, to analyze the various sets of tires available and identify those micro differences between each tire, in order to better plan their use.

Then VESevo is able to describe, by the analysis of these two parameters repeated during the use of the tire, the functionality variations in relation to the temperature of the rubber itself, and also the evolution of all these parameters, in order to identify the optimal windows of use of the tires in every moment of their life, when they are new and after x, y, z kilometers of use, estimating the progressive wear effects.

With these data it is possible to define the influences of the set-up, of the pressures, of the driving style on wear and performances of the tires, but also to define the best possible tire management and much more, up to having a real compound database.

With this tool, Skydrive and Avehil can provide the team with a perfect snapshot of what, until yesterday, was the biggest unknown factor in racetrack work: the tires.

Furthermore, by combining the VESevo with the possibility of instrumenting the car with a standalone acquisition data system whit really high level sensor kit (like a Correvit S-350: 2-axis optical sensors and four 8 spots IR surface tire temperature and many others) Skydrive is really able to allow a team to get a better knowledge of the vehicle and its behaviors.