Francesco Pizzi: ready for Formula 4

Best wishes to Francesco Pizzi, who is just 15 years old to join the Italian Formula 4 championship.

And Skydrive also celebrates a year of collaboration with Francesco Pizzi.

A year that saw the young Roman talent grow and refine, alternating karting competitions with an intense program of approach to the world of Formulas, seeing his commitment crowned with participation in the federal supercourse in Vallelunga, with the instructors of the federal school. Excellent results on the track for Francesco, who proved to be fast, mature and ready for the category jump to Formula 4.

Preparation, however, and training to improve, certainly don’t end here. In these days Francesco is alternating work on the simulator with the tests on the track in Monza, supported, in both types of session, by Skydrive technology for measuring physical performance, through a special shirt capable of detecting the parameters related to the ‘cardiac, respiratory, fatigue and physical effort of the pilot.

The one undertaken with Francesco is an articulated and complex path, with a unique and continuous working method, placing the pilot at the center of the process to identify weaknesses and work towards constant improvement; a real path of research and development of the driver.