2020: a good year for Skydrive

The 2020 went just as we wanted.

The good 2019 trend was confirmed despite the pandemic event.

Like everyone else, Skydrive had to stop for the first months of the year, but from August to December the activity was very intense and profitable, and allows us to hope for a fast growth in 2021.

In this 2020 we have had great satisfaction with exceptional track performance and terrific victories from our drivers of the “R&D Program”.

But what pleased us the most was the truly impressive human and professional growth rate, especially for some of them: young talents that now are real champions.

On the other hand, these results confirmed the quality of our general approach to the theme of simulation and, specifically, of simulation as an improvement tool for racing drivers, a fundamental tool for training, preparation and growth.

Those confirmations push us to press even more on the accelerator, foreseeing important product developments for 2021: we’ve planned to have 34 tracks available on both simulators, (29 just ready and 5 in progress, including Le Mans, Nordschleife, Austin); we also never stop evolving our simulator controls, specifically the Motion, in order to better replicate the vehicles dynamics.

Finally, we are ready to announce, hopefully very soon, a partnership with a company leader in multibody simulation software that will allow us to offer our services even at the highest levels of motorsport.

This 2020 was a year in which we began to collect the results of a long work, but also the starting point for the future developments of our simulators.

And we are very happy and proud of that.


Cristiano Giardina.