Avehil is aerodynamically efficient

  1. Professional simulators are always a step ahead of gaming: this includes also the aerodynamic performance of the mathematical model of a vehicle. If a gaming platform is developed around an approximation, using fake aerodynamics bodies placed around the car surface in order to try to mimic the aerodynamic behavior of the real car, the mathematical model of Skydrive for Avehil can exploit a real aero map.

    And the differences are crucial: it’s a completely different world. 

    Almost all the possible variation on car setup, even changing spring stiffness, imply a different influence on the aerodynamic forces acting on a race car. Consequently, an accurate aero map is absolutely the only condition to predict and control car behavior.

    In a professional simulator, exactly as in the real world: no approximation needed, no performance gap, no major failure, no “balck spots”. The car model behaves in the same way as the real one in any moment: acceleration, deceleration, turns or following another car. 

    Any change of the setup has an aerodynamic consequence, as in reality: springs hardness variation, rake variation, etc… any change makes aerodynamics works in different ways, as in reality.

    So, our MUST is get aero map of every car we have to simulate.

    There are just three ways:

    1. If provided from the car manufacturer, we can copy paste from the car manual. It is well known that some manuals are reliable others not. Some car manufacturers deliver an aero map, some others don’t. Some car manufacturers produce an CFD “accurate” aero map, some others don’t. Only few deliver a validated aero map correlated with straight line tests.
    2. Sometimes the teams we work with are able to provide an aero map of the car. Some team got aero information from wing tunnel or track testing; Obviously can be a very good starting point and together we create tool to refine the aerodynamic setup throughout the period of work (one, two, three seasons…)
    3. Third way: we can produce an own areo map with Avehil’s proprietary stand alone system. We have developed a procedure of building the measurements chain on every race car, easy to fit and calibrate, and MOST IMPORTANT totally independent.

    Skydrive can collect any data needed to build and deliver a very accurate aero map that will be available to the team and obviously implemented and integrated in our car model. 

    Here as an example are reported the aero data of the 2019 Dallara FIA F3 given as input parameters to our vehicle model.

    Figure 1: Drag coefficient aero map