Driver Evaluating System

Even in this difficult moment, Skydrive team is working to bring news and new tools for teams and drivers.

The Driver Evaluating System is the latest. 

It is a system that assesses driver’s skills, and here how it works.

We start from a driving session on the simulator. During it, through the Avehil data acquisition system, all raw data about the driver’s performance are collected: brake and throttle position, ground speed, combined G-force etc …

With the new Avehil system it is possible now to transform this raw data into an objective evaluation of the driver’s performance and highlight qualities and lacks in the driving style, according to parameters and mathematical channels carefully developed by our team.

The Driver Evaluating System is a very useful tool to immediately identify the areas of intervention and immediately direct the work with our driver exactly where it is most needed, getting rid of any waste of time.

The evaluation is in fact made up of two diagrams and the relative brief explanatory reports.

The first diagram is the “Driver Performance”, which evaluates the characteristics of the driver’s skills according to some crucial aspects such as the braking “shape”, throttle  smoothness and the ability to deal with slow or fast corners.

The second one is the “Driver Session Approach“, the evaluation of the driver’s performance on a specific track, that considers the gap from an ideal performance in terms of lap time, the pace, the ability to exploit the peak of the tire and the procedure to warm up and manage the tires.

All these assessments are the result of a mathematical algorithm applied to raw data and so they are absolutely neutral.

This to provide an objective tool to assess the performance, to identify any gaps to work on and, over time, to apply a constant screening and appreciate the driver improvements.

The Driver Evaluating System is a brand new tool developed by Skydrive that is immediately applicable, fast and, from today, absolutely indispensable.