What a year for Rovera!

Alessio Rovera talks about his season:

“It has been a very good season for me. Our goal since the beginning was to win the Italian Endurance Championship, and we did it.

Train on the simulator was crucial for me, especially in a season where test has been very limited. We were able to recreate a real good mathematical model of the car, which met all the key features and behaviors of the real car.

Portimao is the best example: I raced in a track never seen before, in car never driven before (the GTE version of Ferrari 488) and I was able, since the first lap, to find the right lines, the right pace and even the overtaking points.  

At this time I’m still waiting for some confirmation for next year… What I’m sure about is to continue the work with Skydrive, on the same path to develop the simulator and prepare myself for the races.”

And Skydrive is proud to work with such a driver!